Why Technology Helps!



We use the very latest in coaching technology to help enhance the lesson experience for our loyal clients.

As with our philosophy at MJGA of treating each client as a unique individual, we will taylor the use of this technology to suit the requirements of the individual.  Some  clients like the visual feedback of the V1 Teaching System, others prefer the quantification of the GC2 Launch Monitor and some clients prefer a more old school approach, we will adapt as required!


A simply brilliant tool to help us communicate to our students what we are seeing.  I cannot express how significant this development in coaching has been.  To be able to finally quantify what we are seeing, is a truly brilliant way of simplfying the learning experience for the client, putting their mind at rest and allowing them to fully commit to the changes.

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We have been using the fantastic V1 Teaching System at MJGA for the past 14 years.  It’s so simple to use and the amount of features on the system allows us to clearly breakdown our analysis in a simple and understandable manner for the client, making the entire learning process a breeze!  Each student has their very own personal account/locker, so we can continually forward lesson videos to the student between sessions.  Allowing them easy access to all the personalised information they require to make lasting changes to their game.

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