Focused on you

Mark recognised a need for golfers of all abilities and experience to have access to the best golf instruction possible focused around the client.

Building a strong and lasting relationship between client and instructor is one of the key factors in our success at MJGA.

Starting with an FOC Assessment, giving you a chance to assess us as coaches and see if the fit is right.

Our focus is to work closely with our clients, to understand what makes them tick and therefore have a better chance of helping them play to their true potential.

"You don't try to radically change the basics but work on what we have.

From talking to others about what you do with them your approach seems tailored to the individual and not part of a "cookie-cutter" one size fits all approach" Michael Barnett

Before any lesson program, the client outlines what they want to achieve and we can then makesure the instructor is pitching the lesson perfectly to the clients needs. Working as a team is hugely rewarding for both the client and the instructor, both parties contributing to the success of the project.

We are constantly in contact pre and post the lesson to discuss:

  • how's the practice going?
  • how it feels?
  • what's been the main focus
  • If patterns change for certain clubs etc?

Then we can work together to solve it immediately.

One of the many upsides of working with the client in this manner, is that when they turn up for a lesson, we are already ahead of the curve as to what's working and what needs fine tuning!

This allows us to hit the ground running in the lesson and helps to focus on the main area of concern, leading to remarkable and lasting changes!

"The emails to remind you of specific points from each session and to motivate you for your next round are incredibly encouraging. " Adele Young

Longer Term Thinking - 

We pride ourselves over the past 20 years on never thinking short-term whilst working with our loyal clients.  We have helped 1000's of golfers just like you achieve remarkable results.

  • Quick fixes don't work, they never have and never will in golf.  Of course there are  exceptions to every rule, we have many times over the years helped golfers at the last minute before an important event or golfing holiday.  But I am talking about making lasting changes and achieving your golfing goals, these can only be achieved with a more long-term focus!
  • We sit down with our clients and find out exactly what you want to achieve, then we plan together on the best way to achieve the desired results!  This might include practice schedules, lesson plans, recording of stats, mental focus, golf specific fitness advice, it truly depends on what you want to achieve, so the advice would vary in every case.
  • We are there to support you in the lesson after the lesson and any time you need to discuss your progress between lessons.  So you feel completely at ease and confident you have the tools, support and understanding to achieve your goals!
  • So if you're serious about stopping the rot and doing something once and for all to improve your golf, then you're in the right place.  Get in touch now and book your FREE ASSESSMENT

"I find that you are always interested in what I do and whether I am improving and keep in touch regularly with emails, videos, tips and responses to my scores." Mike Langley

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