MJGA was founded by Mark Janes, an Advanced PGA Professional in 2000. Mark recognised a need for golfers of all ability and experience to have access to the best golf instruction possible. We now have Academies at Tonbridge GC and Nizels in Kent and City of London.

“Too many golfers we see just don’t know the ”WHY” as to the cause of either their poor or indeed good shots patterns. MJGA provides regular club golfers just like you, the chance to play to their true potential, understand easily what makes their game tick and simplify the process of making remarkable changes that last."

"Mark is an exceptional golf coach and I would have no hesitation in recommending his teaching methods. His approach to the game is extremely simple and uncomplicated." James Beckett


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Without simplifying the process of understanding your game and making the required changes, you will never experience true progress. We simply break things down without complex jargon and then change only the critical elements that make the biggest difference to your game. This simple and effective process has proven to work and help 1000,s of golfers of all abilities over the past 20 years, acheive amazing results.


Without clear understanding of what makes your game tick, whats the point of practising? You simply must have clarity to why you hit the shot patterns you see, both good and bad. Armed with this understanding, then you can work through the relevant drills and make the most of every single minute of your valuable practice time.


Short term fixes just don’t work, never have and never will! Sticking a quick band-aid on the life long problem, just isn’t going to solve that grooved swing fault. We work together in providing lasting changes, adding some ingredient to what you naturally do, rather than making wholesale changes.

We help you with every facet of the game, from practice schedules, ideas on how to practice efficiently, course strategy, recording stats, mental preparation and much much more.

We only coach clients who have lessons on a regular basis as part of an on-going plan.  This structure is proven to work, we guarantee it!  If you're after a quick fix, then sorry to say, we are probably not the answer.

"Its always a positive experience/learning environment; the information you give is concise, easy to understand/visualize and you don't overload me with things that I need to change." Ben Cavill



Service - you won't find a team of golf professionals anywhere that offer better service than @MJGA.

Support - we care about our clients and build solid relationships that last.  We are on hand to help out between lessons and bounce ideas around on what's working and what's not!

Plans - we put together bespoke plans for each client, helping them achieve their goals.

Experience - we have a proven track record over the past 20 years in helping golfers play to their true potential.

3 Academy Locations - based at Nizels and Tonbridge GC in Kent and City of London, helping 1000's of golfers in the South East.

Partners - these wonderful businesses help us immensley in providing the best possible service for our loyal clients.

Junior Academy - this innovative Pathway for juniors is encouraging 1000's of children to play golf.

Self-development - every member of the MJGA Team is continually attending seminars, CPD Courses and in-house training.