How to make the most of the actual lesson!

Following on from our blog on what to do prior to booking some lessons, below is a brief outline of how to make the most of the actual lesson itself! As always feel free to get in touch and discuss any points you might like to add?

• Always get to the range early and warm up before the lesson actually starts, just 10 minutes before the start time will be enough to blow the cobwebs away and get loose.

• Keep an open mind when turning up for lessons, you might move in a slightly different direction than in previous lessons, but this is not a bad thing and if the results start flowing, then learn to trust the instructor.

• Be patient!!! This is not about two minute wonder cures, it’s about understanding at a much higher level, what makes your game tick and the root cause of any problems you might have. With clarity of understanding you are better placed than ever to move forwards and start building a more consistent motion. You don’t go to the gym, get a new programme and then walk out 30 minutes later looking lean and mean(I wish!!), so like a fitness programme, improving your golf takes time and is done in stages.

• If you don’t understand something, feel confident enough to speak up and ask the instructor to convey the message in a different way, this is all part of being honest with each other and building a solid relationship.

• Makesure you keep chatting with the instructor and tell him how things feel and what you are thinking about, this type of honest communication is key in the development of your relationship. This is not a dictatorship, it’s a partnership between the instructor and student, so open communication is vital!

• Most students want to work on the big stick, understand that at first the instructor might want to groove a certain swing feeling with a shorter iron, before testing the changes with the driver. Be patient with the instructor on this, as fundamentally it’s the same motion for both swings, you are making the same mistakes with the short iron as you are with the wood, it’s just the wood magnifies those faults 10 fold.

More thoughts on how to make the most of your lesson time coming soon, watch this space.

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