Golf Season is coming!

Golf Season Starts From Easter!

Now I know this does not apply to you, as all MJGA clients are die-hard golfers who brave all weathers in their pursuit of golfing perfection! But hypothetically if you’ve been hiding in the warm for the past few months, then this short blog might just be for you!

Weather looks to be finally making a turn for the good, Masters will be with us shortly and the Easter Holiday is upon us. So surely no excuses, it’s time to dust those clubs off and get back out on the fairways.

If you have indeed been lacking application on the golf over the past few months, please be patient with yourself. Golf is not a game you can simply put down for 2/3 months and expect to come out firing. That’s why we educate our loyal clients to keep the wheels turning all winter with regular range sessions. Have sensible expectations with your game and break things in gently.

Please start slowly and hit the range to find some timing and ease back into the swing. A couple of tips that might help the process:

Get a lesson straight away, then you can understand the priorities and can practice with purpose
Warm up properly and stretch before and after sessions.
Start with short irons or even tee the ball up to make life easier to start with
Hitting solid strikes will do more for confidence than anything, so start easy and build slowly towards the longer bats
Little and often, don’t go mad and hit 500 balls. Maybe 50 balls twice a week
Take care of the basics and makesure the set-up is sound. Check the stance, grip, ball position and posture, if these are correct then you have a foundation to work from
Once you have the strike pattern, mix the clubs up, that way you are working on the entire game
Don’t worry about distance, this time of year the ball does not fly as far, get the strike solid and the rest will come
Practice the short game, as always the first thing to go
Timing might be out, so be patient with those first few sessions, don’t go changing things for the sake of it, timing is like the gel that holds it all together and this take practice to kick in
Play a couple of 9 hole games first and don’t worry about scoring
In closing welcome back if you’ve been out the loop recently. Be patient with your self and we look forward to seeing you at the Academies very soon.

Good luck for the golfing season

Mark and the Team @MJGA

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