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Who better to let you know just how satisfied our clients are, than the people who have been through the Mark Janes Golf Academies and benfited from our coaching.

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iain carter

"The facilities and philosophy of the Mark Janes Academy are exactly what are needed to grow the game of golf - excellent teaching in an atmosphere and environment that makes the game feel welcoming to all standards of player."

Iain Carter, BBC Golf Correspondent

james beckett -

‘Mark is an exceptional golf coach and I would have no hesitation in recommending his teaching methods. His approach to the game is extremely simple and uncomplicated whether it be with the driver or the shorter irons. My only regret is that I did not have the benefit of his coaching when I first started playing the game.’

Susan Smith -

Returning to golf after a few years I started group classes with Zach at Tonbridge. I can honestly say it has been a pleasure. Zach doesn't force you to change your game but somehow pitches his advice just right, when you are ready for it. My swing has improved and I'm looking forward to playing more (once the weather has improved too!).

Dan Redpath -

I cannot recommend lessons with Richard at Mark Janes Golf Academy highly enough, as someone who is new to golf and only played for fun to someone now looking to improve the simple nature of the learning experience has really helped. Not being overloaded with too much information allows you to work on specific items one at a time until it becomes natural. It’s not a quick fix process and the explanation of each item during the lesson and the video tutorials and tips provided after the lesson allow for progress between lessons. Trust what you’re being told and listen to Richard rather than trying to teach yourself from YouTube and improvement is guaranteed!

Nicky Hayward -

My 2 boys have been having golf lessons since for a year and a half with Zachery and are just as enthusiastic now as they were when they started. Zachery makes the classes different every week so the children never get bored. I'm always impressed with Zachery's control and friendly rapport he has with all the children. 

The other bonus of the golf lessons is the flexibility with times and days which allows us to fit the lessons in around other commitments. 

I would highly recommend the lessons as well as the golf camps in the holidays, my boys are hooked!

Teddy 4 says ' I love my golf lessons and it's my favourite sport. I enjoy all the games we play and especially like winning the prizes!'

Finley 7 says ' Zachery is a great teacher and my golf swing has improved lots since having lessons.  He makes it fun for us and I especially like the golf camps where we get to play a few holes'

stewart bain -

I'm really impressed with the way you teach Richard, you go into detail about what you want me to do and make sure I'm doing it right before hitting the ball, you review the video with me so I can see what I need to work on instead of just telling me what I need to do witch I find really helps me. I've had lessons with a few different people in different places and you are by far the best, really feel like your trying to improve my game for the future rather than just getting me hitting the ball better now. I've seen instant improvements after my lessons, my score was up and down depending on the day but since I've been having lessons with you there pretty consistent, even on a bad day I manage to shot an alright score! I'm really looking forward to next year, I feel a lot more confident over the ball and feel like my scores/handicap is going to improve, hopefully a lot!!

Many thanks looking forward to my next lesson!!

Dave von Ribbeck  -

I started playing in the summer if 2017 after having not played for 25 years. I was shooting rounds of around 103, but recently shot a round of 85. This is all down to the help and  constant support Richard has given me. He is always happy to analyse videos for feedback on what you are doing which I found has been instrumental in my improvement. I can only say great things about his teaching methods and will most definitely be back for more. Next up is shooting under 80!!!!

Alan Ross  -

Zach is an exceptional golf tutor who takes his time to make the golf lessons both fun and skill based. Our girls have flourished under his tuition. would highly recommend.  

Paul Smith -

"Zack’s tuition has made an enormous difference, he has focussed on improving my shots in manageable steps and in a very short time had a huge benefit to my shots. He can easily identify where improvements need to be made and communicates these very clearly. Well impressed and pleased at the significant improvement in such a brief time.

Sarah Hayman -

Myself and my husband have been having lessons with Zachery close to a year now and he has been very patient and full of encouragement.

He doesn't overload you with information but simple works on the areas of weakness bit by bit. Thanks to Zachery I had the courage to go out there and get an official handicap!

adele young -

I had been playing golf for 12 years and  started struggling with my swing particularly developing an incredibly sore left arm. I approached Mark having heard positive comments from friends with a specific request to cure the arm problem and to make me enjoy the game again.

With the help of video analysis and GC2 my arm was restored to normal after just one lesson and the love of the game firmly renewed over a matter of weeks.

The emails to remind you of specific points from each session and to motivate you for your next round are incredibly encouraging. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending The Mark Janes Academy to any golfer whether experienced or a beginner. My handicap has already come down by 4 shots and I've even invested in a new set of clubs.

Andrew Robbens -

Milana: I think Zac is a brilliant teacher because he always makes things fun

Jessica: I like Zac as my golf teacher because after every lesson I see an improvement

My daughters have made amazing progress from not being able to hit a ball to consistently hitting decent drives.  This has been done in a very short space of time and they really enjoy seeing how they improve from week to week.  Zac is excellent with the girls and makes the whole golfing experience fun but at the same time teaches them how to improve their game.  A great golf instructor especially for kids.

karen duncan -

Mark provides clear diagnosis and strategies for improvement - not too complicated, just sound advice that can easily be put into practice. I always end a lesson with renewed enthusiasm and optimism!

Sally Maher, PE Coordinator, Oakley School -

This is the second year we have used Zachery from Mark Janes to teach Golf to our pupils at Oakley Secondary School. It has proved so successful and popular that we decided to introduce it to our Primary site this year.

Zachery is wonderful with our pupils. Very engaging and patient which is brilliant as some of our children have profound learning difficulties. He makes the game fun and has helped build pupils confidence and self-esteem.

Zachery is always willing to accommodate our needs and has even organised a Kent Inter-School competition for May.

I cannot say enough good words. A fantastic coach and role model.

Claire and Paul Dunmall -

Zachery Marsh of Mark Janes Academy has taught our son Alexander Dunmall since he was 4 years old at the Tonbridge Golf centre. Zachery has brought out so much in our son and developed him to competition standard. Zachery has a real talent for teaching children and has developed pacey, fun lessons which truly capture children's very short attention space. His use of imagination to transfer basic golfing techniques into fun games is truly inspiring. He has truly ignited a deep love and passion for the sport in our son and our 5 year old is often found saying he wants to be the best golfer in the world.

Graham hunt -

You analyse very quickly the main problem (I know there are many!) that I'm needing to address and are very clear on what I need to do to move forward.  Your communication skills are outstanding, and in my view this is critical in a coaching role.

clive grundy -

Perhaps the greatest benefit has been to help me move from eternal frustration by golf to one of enjoyment.

Mark has a warm, friendly and engaging style. He demonstrates interest and concern. This is a real quality, as several clients a day, several days a week  all at different levels of ability, want their Golf Pro to make them feel special, and the only client that really matters! I believe that Mark has retained his essential enthusiasm and passion for the game, and genuinely wants his clients to ‘get the trip’, as he did many years ago.

I always leave a lesson, having understood what I have been taught, and willing to go away and practice hard.

Scarlett & Ike Young -

"I like going to Zac's lessons because he is funny and friendly and makes golf fun. He is a great teacher because he explains it really well," Ike Young.

"I like going to Zac's lessons because he does crazy drills using different equipment, which are really fun. He takes videos of you doing a swing and explains it to you so that you can understand. Going to Zac's lessons makes playing golf worthwhile," Scarlett Young.

phil wright -

"Having decided to take up golf on my retirement I felt that some lessons would be useful for me as I had never seriously picked up a club before. Mark was recommended to me and, 3 years on, I have never regretted choosing him to teach me. For a starter he is genuinely interested in the people he coaches which is very important. His skill, patience and humour have been instrumental in getting me hooked on the game. He brought out competence and confidence where I was unaware I had any! Mark is able to analyse individual needs concisely whatever the level of play and then tailor a lesson to provide just the right amount of information to address a particular problem or improve a shot without confusing or overburdening the client. I have always enjoyed our sessions and even though Mark has now moved further away from my original location I still keep in touch and visit him down in Kent every so often. The lesson always proves useful and is always good fun. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mark to anyone." 

anthony chenery -

You realise every player is different and has quirks some of which you cant fix so you work with those quirks and adapt them for the better.

Friendly, one to one service. Obviously you take copious notes and even sneakily write down what people do and interests out of date so you can deliver that personalised service the next time. It works – so the customer feels special.

edward golder -

Demonstrate genuine passion for the game and your business.
Relax me mentally and focus me on the game.
Deconstruct what I do and then work on fixing one bit at a time.
Use props / technology selectively as teaching aids.
Set realistic targets and expectations and acknowledge progress against these.
Provide post lesson follow up / summary.

michael barnett-

You don't try to radically change the basics but work on what we have. From talking to others about what you do with them your approach seems tailored to the individual and not part of a "cookie-cutter" one size fits all approach. I feel this is a key feature of your teaching.

Part of the success is due to you engaging the student in the learning process by making him take responsibility for understanding why certain outcomes (both good and bad) occur and what to do about them.

rob spencer -

I have been working with Mark for most of this year and during this time he has improved my golf considerably. Although as a high handicap golfer I still make lots of mistakes, at least I understand now what the faults are and how to correct them.

Mark has been excellent in explaining the mechanics of the golf swing and as such I am now striking the ball much more cleanly and consistently.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark, not only to beginners and high handicap players, but also to low handicap players as he has given lessons to my son (who plays off 3) and improved his striking of the ball as well.

Mike and virginia Gigg

- You have an ability of identifying very quickly what our problem areas are, which helps us know quickly what we need to work on.

- You make the lessons a lot of fun with plenty of banter. This is a really important element in why lessons are enjoyable and something to look forward to.

- The use of technology through videos also works well (though it’s normally very painful to watch).

- The written feedback is also very helpful.

mike langley -

I find that you are always interested in what I do and whether I am improving and keep in touch regularly with emails, videos, tips and responses to my scores. This is pretty unusual for a golf pro, maybe even unique around here so that is really appreciated.  Your reputation was always good so I expected to be rewarded by your teaching and I have been, in spades.

pam ware

MJ Golf Academy encapsulates the whole sport of golf, by bringing the game to people of all ages, male and female, from beginners to advanced, and by guidance, tution and advice enable them to enjoy the sport to the best of their ability.

Friendly and light hearted approach to all aspects of teaching whether it be a tweaking or a major swing problem.

ben cavill -

Its always a positive experience/learning environment; the information you give is concise, easy to understand/visualise and you dont overload me with things that I need to change. So each lesson feels like progress is being made and easier to make.

I also think you are very open / approachable / personable so I think that is a really good positive.