MJGA City Introduction/Overview

Welcome to the MJGA @Pure Sports Medicine, City of London.

Mark and his team have been associated with this wonderful team of professionals for the past few years!

We teach in the indoor studio at Pure Sports, using the V1 Video System and GC2 Launch Monitor, so the perfect environment for honing your skills and taking your game to the next level.  All with the convenience of being slap bang in the heart of the City!

In addition to the golf lessons, we also combine our skill sets with the staff at Pure Sports and offer biomechanical advice on how the body specifically works in your unique golf swing.  This combination of  muscular and technical information really allows us the ability to get to the root cause of the problems, making truly remarkable changes.

We look forward to seeing you at Pure Sports very soon and helping you to maximise your enjoyment from this great game and allowing you to play to your true potential!

See you soon

Mark and the MJGA Team

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