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Mark Janes

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Immerse yourself in a wonderfully unique coaching environment, switching off from all the usual distractions and make game changing improvements that last a life time! one/two or three day Golf Retreats .  Choose between two superb venues, Nizels G&CC and Hever GC.


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We are fortunate to be associated with two magnificent golf courses, Nizels G&CC and Hever GC.

These world class clubs have the perfect facilities to compliment our Retreat Days.


Instructors at MJGA Retreats









Meet the team of dedicated and focused MJGA/PGA Professional Coaches that are on hand to help you develop your game!

Each and every member of staff at MJGA are trained by Mark to the very highest level, ensuring a consistent quality of exceptional coaching throughout the Academy.


Retreat Options








Whether you wanted to pop down for a half/full day retreat or stay over for the longer two/three day option, we have something to suit every requierment.

With numbers restricted to just four clients, we can tailor the Retreat days to suit your own personal needs.