FUNdamentals to fairway - MJGA Junior Coaching Programme

At the Mark Janes Golf Academy we are aiming to bridge the gap between learning and competing. Our lessons offer juniors of all abilities the opportunity to play and compete on the course. A player centred approach and coaching programmes based on Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) principles, ensures that juniors are prepared for life-long participation in sport.

Our player centred approach to coaching ensures we help our juniors achieve their goals. Understanding how each junior learns enables us to create the optimal atmosphere for learning and performance.

The following overview of the early stages of LTAD is designed to help players reach their potential. Whether that is getting to the European Tour or getting to an 18 handicap, at the Mark Janes Golf Academy, we will help them every step of the way.

As golf is a late specialization sport, the age ranges below are just guideline. Juniors can start the game at any age and still achieve their goals with the support of our instructors.

FUNdamentals (age 5 - 9)

A large emphasis is placed on speed and acceleration with juniors aged 7 9, as this is a window of trainability. Our warm ups feature lots of upper and lower body agility.

We focus on distance control and acceleration for their short game, through throwing, chipping and pitching; usually in 1 v 1 situations.

A complete turn is encouraged with the full swing allowing juniors to generate lots of club head speed.

Etiquette and course safety is introduced allowing juniors of all abilities to play on the course under the supervision of an instructor.

Learning to Train (9 - 12)

Our warm ups at this stage of development focus aerobic fitness. Juniors are encouraged to play at least 2 other sports or activities.

We use putting games and exercises to give players a sense of a narrow focus (the line of a putt), where as short game exercises are used to develop a wider focus (landing area, conditions etc). Decision-making is encouraged and reciprocal learning is used to solve such problems.

The course is used to help develop pre-shot routines and to increase each players understanding of basic rules.

Juniors are expected to use and understand warm ups and cool downs.

We recommend that juniors are part of a 6 week programme (group or individual) to increase their learning and ability.

Training to train (age 12 - 16)

At this stage our emphasis moves to flexibility exercises and increased aerobic fitness after an individuals PHV (peak height velocity) or growth spurt.

We develop competition routines for advanced juniors and highlight the importance of group and teamwork for juniors of all abilities.

Training to compete (age 16 - 18)

Advanced juniors are set longer-term training schedules highlighting competitions.

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