Tiger at the Masters

The Masters is just around the corner and what with Rory winning recently, Tiger storming back to form, Phil winning for first time in 4 years and many others showing top form, it’s all shaping up to be one hell of a 2018 season!!

I guess the real question is can Tiger really make it back from the dead and win the 2018 Masters?

I’ve been very open over the past 6-7 years, saying many times that I felt Tiger’s best days were long behind him and he had no chance of ever winning another Tournament let alone a Major. But even I am starting to question my previous stance on this, could he really do it?

It would have to rank as one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history. When just a year or so ago, those images of Tiger were released by the police, unable to walk and even talk, you had to think it was over. But having finished 2nd last week in Florida and 5th at Bay Hill, then form would say he’s got a shot. He’s even been installed as pretty much favourite for the event, although that I can’t quite see that!

I am more impressed with his swing and general all round game than the results, it really does look in excellent shape. He looks more controlled than he has almost ever looked.

In terms of pressure it’s interesting to think, is Tiger really under any pressure? We all know Rory is chasing his own mini-slam, so the Masters continues to be the one stumbling block and the pressure will surely mount post the Bay Hill win. But what has Tiger really got to lose? It’s like a 2nd life, a shot to nothing, is that why he seems way more relaxed and approachable in interviews etc?

The other side of the coin says he’s spent his entire life chasing Jack’s major record, which even he must have thought had gone. But with the form he’s showing this year, he will be thinking it’s back on and the record can be broken. If that is the case, then I guess he knows every Major counts and the pressure might be just too much. Certainly an interesting debate either way you look at it!

One things for sure golfers around the world just love watching Tiger Woods play. Viewing numbers on Sat at Bay Hill jumped 181%, according to NBC. No one can even come close to generating the interest this guy does. Viewing numbers and general interest in the game will go through the roof during the Masters, just the spike the game has been longing for!

We’ve all craved Tiger playing at his best when Rory, Jordan and Co are also on fire, well we might just have the next year or so to enjoy this epic battle.

My money for what it’s worth is on Justin Rose. Rory to finish top 5 and as for Tiger, can’t see better than a top 10. I also think Sergio is worth watching, coming very much under the Tiger radar. He’s showing some form, happy off the course and no pressure post the win last year.

Masters is on soon, longer days with the clocks changing and hopefully the weather is improving, it’s time for the golf season to really kick in!

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