As COVID-19 is at the forefront of our minds, we are closely monitoring the situation and are staying across the official health and workplace advice provided by the World Health Organisation and Public Health England.  

While we have always had strict hygiene practices and cleaning standards in place, as a precaution, we have introduced a number of additional measures to reduce the risk and support a safe environment.

We would also like to confirm that we are still currently open and looking after our wonderful loyal clients.

Golf and Social Distancing

I was just thinking, golf truly can survive these troubled times, surely??

Driving range – you have your own 3 metre bay of peace and tranquility. Judging by the amount of effort most folk put into hitting golf balls, no one in their right mind would come near you!😂

Golf Course – no need to shake hands, play with your own clubs. If you get a four ball with a mixture of slicer, hooker, short hitter and bomber, you’ll never be anywhere near each other. As for the plodder who knocks it up the middle, well let’s face it, no safer place on the planet for Social Distancing than in the middle of any golf fairway!😉

Things are pretty manic in the diary at present, but I have a feeling that might change in the coming weeks/days. Whatever happens, we’ll try to keep you ticking over with some fun tips and general banter over the coming weeks.

Take care dear friends, keep playing and working on that game, enjoy the improved weather and let’s hope all the courses open up soon. We will get through these tricky times. Keep smiling!!

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