Frequently Asked Questions?

We have put together a collection of some of the most common questions we get asked by our loyal clients.  We hope this selection of Q&A's goes someway to helping you with your problems?

Please feel free to get in touch and ask us anything at all that you need to know, we are hear to help in any way we can?

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Mark and the MJGA Team

Sample Questions:

Q - How often do you think I should take lessons?

A - Completely depends on what you want to achieve and how much work there is to be done.  In general we coach clients on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Outside of that you are simply treading water, if you really want to develop your game and improve then little and often is best!

Q - Do you teach a method at MJGA?

A - No.  We coach each client as an individual, working with they naturally do.  You simply can't have a "one fits all" approach with golf, we are all built differently and require different things from our game.

Q - What duration would you suggest for a lesson?

A - Again depends on what you desire to achieve from the lessons?  Some prefer the hour, as it gives you more time, especially when you work with the launch monitor or video.  Others prefer the weekly half-hour slot, as it keeps them on track and gives them confidence when they practice.

Q - Do you change a lot at once, as in a previous lesson elsewhere I felt we changed too much at once?

A - Never!  We work at a pace that suits the client.  Plus you don't have to change multiple things to make huge advancements, less is more with changes in technique.  If we can change one thing that sorts out a few, then we are much better coaches than if you need to change 4 or 5!

Q - Do you think launch monitors help with the development of a golfer?

A - Not for everyone, as some people simply don't like the detail of this analysis.  But again it's down to the individual.  Some people simply love the quantification, giving them peace of mind, that they are moving towards their targets.

Q - How do you intergrate video into your coaching?

A - We simply use it as with all the tech, as another way of communicating what we are seeing to the client. 

Q - Are course lessons more beneficial than range lessons?

A - At some point in the lesson program, we take clients to the course as always interesting to find out what/if anything changes once on the course! To help clients on strategy and course management is immense and hugely beneficial for students.  We tend not to work on technique on the course, we stick to the range on that.  Basically a balance between course and range is the best combo for success!

Q - What part of the game do you think is most important to master?

A - That's a tough one!!!  I have always felt if the club golfer can get off the tee well, then their confidence is high and they are in the game and that confidence flows throughout the game.  As students get to the thick end of maybe a single digit handicap, then being precise in that last 3rd of the hole becomes critical.  That's when most people can hit it fairly well, but sharpening up that short game becomes key!

Q - You talk about your "Junior Academy" being different, why and how does this benefit the children?

A -  MJ Junior academy is different due to the way we build the athlete before the golfer. We use golf specific games to develop the junior, it's a far more effective and upbeat way of coaching junior golf.  Our children are far more stimulated and thoroughly enjoy the process keeping them playing golf for the rest of their lives.

Q - Am I going to get worse before improving when taking lessons?

A - If there is one comment that drives me insane then you have hit the nail on the head with this one!  If the analysis is correct and make the required changes are paced correctly, then you should see steady progress.  Even in the first session you should see at minimum a handful of shots that are of a different class.  Then things become more consistent over the weeks and the miss hit improves in quality, becoming less damaging than before.

Q - I am happy to trade some distance for more consistency, as I feel this would help?

A - 2nd most biggest wind-up!! Sorry but true!  When we get you hitting it more solidly from the centre of the club, it will only add to your distance not detract from it!  Anything that allows you a more centred strike, has to improve your game, no trade offs required!

Q - Do you believe in goal setting for golfers?

A - Absolutely!  How can you see a target you can't see??  You simply have to have a clear image of what you desire to achieve from this game, then you can map out a plan to acheive the goal.

Q - How often do I need to practice in between lessons?

A - Varies a huge amount depending on what level you play at.  But as a general comment, little and often is best.  If most golfers could hit a small basket of balls twice a week, then this would be hugely benefical, combined with lessons of course!!


Q - How will the GC2 help in a lesson?

A - It helps give you peace of mind that you are on track and working on the right factors in the swing.  It quantifys what we see as coaches and helps us communicate that to the client in simple terms.  It takes out the guess work for the client and helps keep them focused on the main swing thoughts.


Q - You say lessons are simple, how do you achieve this,  as previous ones have been so technical?

A - All about knowing what to change and getting to the cause of the problem quickly.  We also pride ourselves on working what the client does naturally, simply adding a little ingredient to the mix, rather than mass re-building process!  It's only when coaches don't listen to the clients needs and then steam in and change too much, then you will have issues with over technical sessions.

Q - Will you completely change my swing ? As I don't have time to practice.

A - We will change what we feel is the cause of the issues, then leave everything else alone, don't forget "if it ain't broke then leave it alone!"  If we find out a client does not have time to practice, then we pitch the lesson very differently from a session where the client is on the range twice a week.  As with all our lessons, it's about taking each student on his own merit.

Q - Which instructor should I book with ? 

A - We would pair up certain coaches with certain students depending on their expeirence.  When booking the initial session we would find out this information and then match up accordingly.


Q - What days are lessons available ? 

A - 7 days per week!  Some group classes are only available on certain days, but individual lessons are 7 days per week.  Please see schedule for each instructor at


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