About MJGA

MJGA was founded by Mark Janes, an Advanced PGA Professional in 2000. Mark recognised a need for golfers of all ability and experience to have access to the best golf instruction possible.

"I started this business due to being frustrated that most club golfers I met, were confused and not improving very much.  I've been on a mission ever since, simplifying this great game and allowing you folk to enjoy yourselves on the golf course.   As someone much wiser than me said,"It's a simple game, but it's not easy!"  If you feel like your game needs a fresh approach, then we would love to hear from you." Mark Janes - Director of Instruction

"Mark's approach to the game is extremely simple and uncomplicated whether it be with the driver or the shorter irons. My only regret is that I did not have the benefit of his coaching when I first started playing the game.’ James Beckett

  • "Too many golfers we see just don't know the "WHY" as to the cause of either poor or indeed good shot patterns.
  • MJGA provides regular club golfers just like you, the chance to play to their true potential, understand easily what makes their game tick and simplify the process of making changes."
  • We are proud to have our trio of Academies based in Kent and the City of London, with plans in the future to keep the business model expanding even further.
  • Over 20 years of listening to club golfers, we understand your frustrations  and have a proven success rate in helping you improve.
  • We are so lucky to have the support of a huge clientele, which continues to grow year on year.  Our clients motivate us as a team to keep developing our skills, as we just know we can help you guys improve and enjoy this great game!
  • We have been helping golfers just like you for the past 20 years make remarkable progress with their golf!
  • So if you're currently confused or struggling to improve, let us help you to enjoy this great game once again!

We look forward to seeing you at one of our Academies in the near future and helping to improve your golf game.

See you soon

Mark and the Team @MJGA

"Its always a positive experience/learning environment; the information you give is concise, easy to understand/visualize and you don't overload me with things that I need to change.  I also think you are very open / approachable / personable so I think that is a really good positive." Ben Cavill


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