Long Term Focus

We pride ourselves over the past 20 years on never thinking short-term whilst working with our loyal clients.  Quick fixes don't work, you simply can't make lasting changes when you take a one off lesson every six months or so.  Of course there are  exceptions to every rule, we have many times over the years helped golfers at the last minute before an important event or golfing holiday.  But I am talking about making lasting changes and achieving your golfing goals, these can only be achieved with a more long-term focus!

We sit down with our clients and find out exactly what they want to achieve, then we plan together on the best way to achieve the desired results!  This might include practice schedules, lesson plans, recording of stats, mental focus, golf specific fitness advice, it truly depends on what the client wants to achieve, so the advice would vary in every case.

We are on hand all the way through the process, so the client feels completely at ease and confident they have the tools and understanding to achieve their goals!

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