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Philosophy -

MJGA are committed to helping golfers of all abilities, enjoy,understand, simplify and make remarkable progress with their golf!  

  • Year after year we meet new clients who are simply confused and thinking of way too many swing thoughts, not many of which are helping the cause!!
  • We work with our clients, listening to their needs and thoughts on the their game, getting a feel for the direction they want to take their golf game in.

Testimonial - "Perhaps the greatest benefit has been to help me move from eternal frustration by golf to one of enjoyment" - Clive Grundy

  • With a combination of your desire to improve and our experience, knowledge and communication skills, I am confident together we can help you to play to your potential and maximise the enjoyment you receive from this great game!
  • We work with what the student does naturally, giving them a greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, adding a little ingredient to that natural swing.
  • Then to help you make the most of the practice time on the range, we will arm you with innovative drills and exercises so that you continue the development between lessons.

Working together I guarantee you we will take your game to new heights, whether a total rookie or seasoned professional, we get you enjoying this great game and maximising your potential.

Enjoy your golf and look forward to seeing you soon!

Mark and the Team @MJGA

Testimonial - "Mark provides clear diagnosis and strategies for improvement - not too complicated, just sound advice that can easily be put into practice. I always end a lesson with renewed enthusiasm and optimism!" - Karen Duncan 


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