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Who better to let you know just how satisfied our clients are, than the people who have been through the Mark Janes Golf Academies and benfited from our coaching.

No more excuses, get involved and start making the kind of improvements you have always dreamed of!

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Mark and the MJGA Team

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iain carter

"The facilities and philosophy of the Mark Janes Academy are exactly what are needed to grow the game of golf - excellent teaching in an atmosphere and environment that makes the game feel welcoming to all standards of player."

Iain Carter, BBC Golf Correspondent

michael barnett -

You don't try to radically change the basics but work on what we have. From talking to others about what you do with them your approach seems tailored to the individual and not part of a "cookie-cutter" one size fits all approach. I feel this is a key feature of your teaching.

Part of the success is due to you engaging the student in the learning process by making him take responsibility for understanding why certain outcomes (both good and bad) occur and what to do about them.

Graham hunt -

You analyse very quickly the main problem (I know there are many!) that I'm needing to address and are very clear on what I need to do to move forward.  Your communication skills are outstanding, and in my view this is critical in a coaching role.

clive grundy -

Perhaps the greatest benefit has been to help me move from eternal frustration by golf to one of enjoyment.

Mark has a warm, friendly and engaging style. He demonstrates interest and concern. This is a real quality, as several clients a day, several days a week  all at different levels of ability, want their Golf Pro to make them feel special, and the only client that really matters! I believe that Mark has retained his essential enthusiasm and passion for the game, and genuinely wants his clients to ‘get the trip’, as he did many years ago.

I always leave a lesson, having understood what I have been taught, and willing to go away and practice hard.

anthony chenery -

You realise every player is different and has quirks some of which you cant fix so you work with those quirks and adapt them for the better.

Friendly, one to one service. Obviously you take copious notes and even sneakily write down what people do and interests out of date so you can deliver that personalised service the next time. It works – so the customer feels special.

edward golder -

Demonstrate genuine passion for the game and your business.
Relax me mentally and focus me on the game.
Deconstruct what I do and then work on fixing one bit at a time.
Use props / technology selectively as teaching aids.
Set realistic targets and expectations and acknowledge progress against these.
Provide post lesson follow up / summary.

Mike and virginia Gigg

- You have an ability of identifying very quickly what our problem areas are, which helps us know quickly what we need to work on.

- You make the lessons a lot of fun with plenty of banter. This is a really important element in why lessons are enjoyable and something to look forward to.

- The use of technology through videos also works well (though it’s normally very painful to watch).

- The written feedback is also very helpful.

mike langley -

I find that you are always interested in what I do and whether I am improving and keep in touch regularly with emails, videos, tips and responses to my scores. This is pretty unusual for a golf pro, maybe even unique around here so that is really appreciated.  Your reputation was always good so I expected to be rewarded by your teaching and I have been, in spades.

pam ware

MJ Golf Academy encapsulates the whole sport of golf, by bringing the game to people of all ages, male and female, from beginners to advanced, and by guidance, tution and advice enable them to enjoy the sport to the best of their ability.

Friendly and light hearted approach to all aspects of teaching whether it be a tweaking or a major swing problem.

ben cavill -

Its always a positive experience/learning environment; the information you give is concise, easy to understand/visualise and you dont overload me with things that I need to change. So each lesson feels like progress is being made and easier to make.

I also think you are very open / approachable / personable so I think that is a really good positive.