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Frustrated by a lack of consistency?  Let us help you simplify that swing, and build a repetitive motion that works, consistently.

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Testimonial -‘Mark is an exceptional golf coach and I would have no hesitation in recommending his teaching methods. His approach to the game is extremely simple and uncomplicated whether it be with the driver or the shorter irons. My only regret is that I did not have the benefit of his coaching when I first started playing the game.’ James Beckett

Testimonial - "You don't try to radically change the basics but work on what we have. From talking to others about what you do with them your approach seems tailored to the individual and not part of a "cookie-cutter" one size fits all approach" M Barnett

Testimonial - "The emails to remind you of specific points from each session and to motivate you for your next round are incredibly encouraging. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending The Mark Janes Academy to any golfer whether experienced or a beginner. My handicap has already come down by 4 shots and I've even invested in a new set of clubs." Adele Young

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More Success @MJGA

31 Oct 2017

Heading out of October and into November and the wonderful MJGA Clients continue to show fantastic form in 2017! Fran Chatham has just returned from two weeks in Florida, winning the 10 day tour by a massive 12 points!  So thrilled all the hard work is paying off Fran! Lewis Russell back in the fold…

Why our instructions works

We work closely with our students natural tendencies, adding a little ingredients to the mix, never taking you too far away from your natural golfing DNA. Allowing us to make remarkable changes whilst giving you less to think about.
We offer you a free trial to see how our instruction works and how we can help you...